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5 Signs That a College is LGBTQ-Friendly

So you're starting to think about college. Of course, it can help to look at factors such as a school's available majors, size, and location. But you may also want to know which colleges are most inclusive for LGBTQ students. Good news: lots of colleges are...

College Application Timeline

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed by the college application process, you are not alone. Many students (and parents) feel this way. Fortunately, the secret to getting admitted isn't simply to do more and more activities; it's finding one thing you can do really...

Autism Goes to College

Well before starting to select a list of colleges, it's important to assess whether a student is fully ready to be a college student. Students who continue to live at home and attend a vocational school or community college will have a less abrupt transition, though...

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