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College Application Timeline

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed by the college application process, you are not alone. Many students (and parents) feel this way. Fortunately, the secret to getting admitted isn't simply to do more and more activities; it's finding one thing you can do really...

Demonstrated interest: what it is, which colleges value it, and what to do about it

You already know that colleges place a great deal of importance on tests scores, grades and extracurricular activities. But some colleges also look at a factor known as "demonstrated interest." This means a student has shown through his/her actions a true desire to...

Top College Consultants now assisting high school students

Boston-based TCC serves students around the world via phone and video. We visit colleges regularly so we can give you up-to-date information. Get expert help with: Selecting courses in high school Choosing college majors and careers Deciding which school is best for...

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