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College admissions is a complex process. We strive to expand access to college for students worldwide, especially those with learning differences and emotional challenges.

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We’ve compiled our best free resources below. If you have more questions, we’d love to talk. Send us a message at info@TopCollegeConsultants.com or schedule a call here!

Learning Differences in College

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Directory of Autism Programs in College

By Top College Consultants

Through extensive research and campus visits, we’ve created a directory of colleges with additional resources for students on the autism spectrum. Learn how to use the directory below.

“What LD Students Need to Succeed in College”

Presentation for the Learning Disabilities Association of New Jersey conference

Learn about the skills and services that students with learning differences need to thrive in college.

“What Questions Should I Ask the Student Disabilities Office?”

Article with CollegeXpress

See a list of key questions to ask the disability staff at the colleges you’re considering attending.

College Admissions Process

“How to Choose A College That is Right For You”

Interview with The University Network

This 15 minute video has great tips for high school sophomores and juniors as they start the college admissions process.

“Anxiety and College Admissions”

Presentation for Parents at Lexington High School

 This 56 minute video provides useful insights and strategies for students who struggle with anxiety as they go through the college admissions process.

“Top 10 Ways to “Demonstrate Interest” in Colleges”

Top College Consultants blog post

This article introduces you to a hidden factor that can sometimes make a big difference in your chances for admission.

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Directory of Autism Programs in College

Spectrum teens graduating from high school have more educational options than ever before. Top College Consultants can help by assessing students’ college readiness, and finding the best-fit programs and supports. Below you will find an extensive list of “autism-friendly colleges,” including:

  • Spectrum support programs in 4-year colleges.
  • Colleges designed exclusively for students with learning differences (including autism).
  • Support programs for college students with learning differences. These academic/learning support programs often emphasize time management and study skills, and can help students with a variety of diagnoses (including autism and ADHD). However, some students on the spectrum benefit even more from autism support programs which also have social groups or social skills coaching.
  • A small sample of non-degree certificate programs for students with intellectual/developmental disabilities. There are many more such programs listed at Think College.

How To Use This Resource

  • To see additional notes for a program (or a link to its web page), click on the green “+” sign on the left
  • Click on the “Show entries” drop-down menu at the upper left of the table to see more entries on the page at one time. 

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