Top College Consultants helps students with autism, ADHD or other learning differences navigate college admissions.

We’ve worked with students around the world to help them find the right university and get accepted to over 110 universities.

College admissions is complex. It’s hard to know where to start.

That’s where Top College Consultants can help.

Our expert team works with your student every step of the way to simplify the process for your entire family.

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How Top College Consultants Works

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During this introductory call, we’ll get to know your family and discuss your college application needs. Every student is different and we tailor our approach to meet your family’s situation.

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Navigate the college application process.

Alongside your Top College Consultant, your student will select schools, complete applications, write essays and apply for financial aid. Our team’s expert guidance takes the guesswork out of this complex process and keeps your student on track.

Receive offers and choose your college!

Top College Consultants students have received acceptances from over 110 schools around the country. From large public universities to small private liberal arts colleges, our students typically have multiple offers to choose from, often with generous scholarships.

“Eric was incredibly helpful in supporting my son through his college application process. He was consistently supportive and encouraging throughout, providing gentle reminders when necessary and ensuring that all deadlines were met. My son is now enrolled at his dream college and looking forward to this next chapter of his life!”

– Lori, mother of college student

” Eric Endlich, Ph.D. was one of the speakers at our 2020 conference and his sessions were top down one of our most insightful and popular. Make no mistake, Eric is one of the best in the business. His extraordinary professionalism, coupled with his breadth and depth of knowledge in the college planning and transition space is bar none. Never mind he is one of nicest people you will meet and a pleasure to work with.

-KD Harris, M.A., Executive Director, Let’s Talk LD

Eric Endlich was the reason I got into UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, and many more. It was amazing how I could finish an essay at noon and he would have edited it by 1 pm. His suggestions and advice was insightful and were presented with honesty and empathy. Could not recommend him more!”

– Benjamin Gicqueau

Top College Consultants is a frequent contributor to sites and organizations such as Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, National Autism Academy, College Confidential and College Xpress. Check out recent blog posts below:

Meet the team at Top College Consultants

“My students face many obstacles in life, so it’s incredibly fulfilling when they get admitted to their dream school or win an amazing scholarship.”

– Dr. Eric Endlich, Founder of Top College Consultants

“I want all students to realize the tremendous power they have to change the world and make a sustainable difference in society and history.”

– Lisa Andrews, TCC Consultant

“I firmly believe the college search and application process is one where young people can begin to discern their calling in the world while developing the necessary skills and self-awareness to be leaders in an ever-changing world.”

– Jamey Becker, TCC Consultant

“I’m passionate about supporting families and making the admissions process less stressful!”

– Alisha Uppal, TCC Consultant

“I firmly believe that with the proper support, all students can achieve whatever dreams they commit to chasing, including college and beyond!”

– Jennie Swenson, TCC Consultant

Everyone has gifts, and it takes a village of support to actualize into our best selves. I partner with families in a student-driven pursuit of higher education and career aspirations.

– April Miller, TCC Consultant

Preparing students for college empowers them. It is a time of self-discovery and growth. I have watched many students blossom during this process as they develop confidence, clarify their values, and find a path that is unique to them.

– Jennifer Quinn, TCC Consultant

College is an amazing opportunity for a student to grow intellectually, but it’s also a time to grow socially and personally. Students don’t always get the chance to talk about their goals for personal and social growth, so it’s important to me that I give them a space to consider those areas in their college search.

– Melanie Mac Caskie, TCC Consultant

Top College Consultants works with a limited number of students each year to provide personalized attention. Schedule your free introductory meeting today.