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College Essays

TCC will help students select a compelling topic and craft an essay that will grab the attention of a college admissions committee.

College Selection

TCC will take the time to get to know each student’s strengths, interests, personality, and preferences.

College Applications

TCC will help students manage this stressful process, keep track of to-do tasks and stay on schedule.

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How early you should start planning for college?

What “demonstrated interest” means and which colleges consider it important?

How students can obtain special accommodations (e.g., extra time on tests)?

How autistic students can succeed in college?

What students can do if they didn’t get accepted into college?

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College Essays

TCC will help students select a compelling topic and craft an essay that will grab the attention of a college admissions committee.

College Selection

TCC will take the time to get to know each student’s strengths, interests, personality, and preferences.

College Applications

If you feel stressed by college applications and essays, you are not alone…

Pace University’s Special Needs OASIS Program

At Pace University in downtown Manhattan, students with high-functioning autism and ADHD participate in a unique program, Ongoing Academic Social Instructional Support (OASIS). Students receive one-to-one coaching daily and participate in social activities weekly....

College Snapshot: Curry College

Just seven miles from downtown Boston, tucked away in the picturesque Blue Hills, Curry College attracts students seeking the personal touch. With 2,100 undergraduates, Curry's classes average 20 students and max out at 30 students. Curry is a good match for teens who...

How to Request SAT and ACT Accommodations

ACT/SAT Accommodations Request Process General guidelines: Learn what type of documentation you will need in order to request accommodations. If you are on a high school education plan such as a 504 or IEP, make sure that it spells out your testing accommodation needs...

College Snapshot: Pitzer College

Most colleges talk about their mission statements, but at Pitzer, the school's core value of environmental sustainability is visible the moment you set foot on campus. You are surrounded by low-maintenance, drought-tolerant native plants such as cacti, and nearly half...

I Didn’t Get Into College – Now What?

“I got rejected from my reach schools and my targets. I didn’t even get into my safeties. Help!” Millions of high school students breathed a sigh of relief upon receiving their acceptance notifications in the past few weeks. But others have been left empty-handed,...

College snapshot: Lynn University

You may not have heard of Lynn University, but Apple has. Lynn is an Apple Distinguished School where all incoming freshmen receive an iPad Pro. The iPad is loaded with all of their lectures and textbooks - written by Lynn faculty. The campus store no longer even...

College Snapshot: Reed College

Dear Student, If you consider yourself a “liberal nerd,” Reed College could be a great fit for you. (Students looking to join a fraternity and/or play football should probably look elsewhere.) If you’ve been eyeing some of the most well-known and prestigious colleges,...

College Application Timeline

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed by the college application process, you are not alone. Many students (and parents) feel this way. Fortunately, the secret to getting admitted isn't simply to do more and more activities; it's finding one thing you can do really...

Accommodating Emotional and Learning Differences in College

Sometimes when high school students have depression, anxiety, ADHD, LD or autism, they obtain special accommodations such as extra time on tests. These conditions may be part of an IEP, 504 plan or other arrangement with the local school district. In other cases,...

Autism Goes to College

Long before starting to select a list of colleges, it's important to assess whether a student is ready to go to college in the first place. Students who continue to live at home and attend a vocational school or community college will have a less abrupt transition,...

College Snapshot: Brown University

Brown University The seventh-oldest college in the U.S., Brown is a coed Ivy League school in Providence, RI with 6,200 undergrads, 2,000 graduate students and nearly 500 med school students. Among the Ivies, Brown is generally considered the most liberal and...

College Snapshot: Smith College

Smith College Smith is a 147-acre women’s college in Northampton, MA with 2,500 undergraduates hailing from 48 states and 73 countries. Like Brown University, Smith boasts an open curriculum; as a women’s college, it is also very LGBT-friendly. Rather than living in...

Plan Early for College

College is the springboard to a career and adult life, and it can take up four (or more) years of a young person's life. It's an incredibly important decision. Many students start their college search and application process in earnest during the summer...

Demonstrated interest: what it is, which colleges value it, and what to do about it

You already know that colleges place a great deal of importance on tests scores, grades and extracurricular activities. But some colleges also look at a factor known as "demonstrated interest." This means a student has shown through his/her actions a true desire to...

Top College Consultants now assisting high school students

Boston-based TCC serves students around the world via phone and video. We visit colleges regularly so we can give you up-to-date information. Get expert help with: Selecting courses in high school Choosing college majors and careers Deciding which school is best for...

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