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Academic Coaching with Top College Consultants

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching is personalized, 1-on-1 meetings with a trained academic coach who can help students develop skills in time management, organization, prioritizing, goal setting and outcome reflection. These skills help keep you on track and poised for success. 

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Planning and time management means you’ve determined the way to approach a task and have an understanding of deadlines and due dates.

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Organization means you have all your materials and information arranged in a logical, useful way.

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Goal-setting means you have a specific purpose in mind when you study and complete projects or other assignments.

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Reflecting on outcomes means you take the initiative to reflect upon and apply what you are learning.

Our Approach

Our coaching strategies are based on the proven methods of Dr. Peg Dawson and Dr. Richard Guare, experts in the field of executive functioning. We routinely blend other proven teaching methods in our work with students.

We teach students how to:

  • Break down tasks and projects into manageable pieces 
  • Budget their time in less structured environments
  • Apply insights about how they work most effectively to plan their schedules
  • Advocate for their learning needs with instructors or supervisors
  • Anticipate roadblocks and minimize distractions
  • Regulate their emotions and behavior

Who We Work With

Our clients are high school and college students who haven’t yet realized their full potential as a result of their study habits. Some have anxiety, ADHD or other learning differences. Others simply benefit from developing essential skills to manage their academic demands.

Services Available

We offer weekly, remote appointments one to three times per week. This schedule allows us to  take a proactive approach, stay on top of assignments and create a customized plan for success!


$180 per session for 1x/week

$165 per session for 2x/week

$150 per session  for 3x/week