***** (5 stars)
Eric is excellent! He helped me to find a college that is perfect for me. I have found my place in college and found my passion thanks to his help, and he made the process infinitely less stressful.


Benjamin Gicqueau

***** (5 stars)
Eric Endlich was the reason I got into UC Berkeley, Sciences Po, University of Michigan, and many more. It was amazing how I could finish an essay at noon and he would have edited it by 1 pm. His suggestions and advice was insightful and were presented with honesty and empathy. Could not recommend him more!

Beth Kaufman Kramer

***** (5 stars)
Eric is amazing at what he does!!! He is so thorough, thoughtful, responsive, and completely dedicated to the students he serves. In just a few sessions, he helped my reluctant son get oriented to and motivated about the college search process. He also is great at guiding parents. I can’t recommend him highly enough!!!

Photo of Charmaine Y.

Charmaine Y.


Eric is an amazing college counselor for our family! My son benefited a lot from his guidance in the college application and the transition.

Our family relocated to the US several years ago with very little knowledge about the college application process. Fortunately, Eric provided very professional support to my son through the whole process. We are thrilled when my son was admitted by Rutgers which not only fit into his academic interest in computer science but also provides an excellent program to support students with special needs. Even after my son started college Eric continued to provide various support and resource as needed.

Eric’s support is always very kind, insightful, resourceful, and fast! I’m so grateful to have had Eric as our counselor over those years. I’d highly recommend Eric to any students.


Chris and Ann Marie Isleib

***** (5 stars)

Hire him now. Eric is exactly the person you want on your team.
Eric is a brilliant college counselor for anybody – he knows the schools, he knows the processes, he has good strategies, he is a great editor for statements & personal essays, etc.
But for kids like ours – Eric is a dream come true. He speaks to them on their level, with personal experience. He recognizes & validates concerns, he is patient & nonjudgmental. He earns their respect & their ear. He is the college counselor for them.
More — he is plugged-in for those minor things that make an enormous difference. He has detailed knowledge about various schools & their accommodations, he knows their ‘climate’ toward students with spectrum #disabilities. His information is always current, cogent, and helpful.
Finally, Eric is a known figure in the spectrum/education community. He is aware of cool opportunities that can be amazing –scholarships, speaking opportunities, conferences, etc. Our kid, River, guest-spoke on multiple panel discussions & blogger interviews. River was an actual Advocate – a voice for spectrum kids in the college-app process! What amazing experiences these were! Cannot thank Eric enough for them.
The college-search period is tough, and you have one chance to do it right. If you are able to have Eric on your team, you will be better for it.


Photo of Todd D.

Todd D.

Southborough, MA
***** (5 stars)
We hired Eric to help my son explore and identify appropriate graduate education programs, to help with the application process and to assist with selecting the best school.

Eric was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. He was very fair and easy to work with during the engagement phase and patiently educated all of us on the various graduate programs and related requirements. What we found particularly important was Eric’s initiative to reach out to schools with Stephen’s transcript to determine if he would be a good candidate. This saved a lot of time and helped Stephen target the right programs. Eric worked with Stephen over several months to craft the required application essays and resumes. They set dates each week around Stephen’s busy undergraduate schedule to connect, review progress and resolve issues. Part of the plan was to avoid any last-minute stress associated with application deadlines. Eric’s turnaround for feedback, comments and questions was extremely fast. Everything was completed in plenty of time and the applications were submitted early.

Most importantly are the end results. Stephen was accepted into all seven programs that he applied to including one or two that are ranked among the best in the country. Eric is now helping Stephen compare the schools to find the very best fit.

Overall, I would highly recommend Eric as a consultant. He is reasonably priced, worked very diligently with my son, provided quick follow up and scheduled everything to be done well in advance of the deadlines. The outcome was fantastic and well above expectations. Stephen said he really enjoyed working with Eric who was patient and encouraging throughout the process.

Todd D.


 “ I am reaching out to let you know that I received my acceptance to Northeastern’s Boston Campus! I am so beyond thrilled, and I can not thank you enough for making this dream possible for me. My work with you was invaluable. The process not only helped get me into my dream school but taught me a great deal in the process. Your kindness and support are much appreciated.”

– High school senior, Massachusetts 


Marvin Ho


Top College Consultants
Eric is a terrific college consultant and advisor that assisted my daughter in finding the right educational program and supported her through the college application process. Eric was very responsive to us and offered valuable guidance to us through the whole process. He developed a college list based on the interests of my daughter and our criteria. Eric had been a great help on the essay preparation for my daughter. He went through the essay questions with her and guided her to write the essays, demonstrating her interests, goals and capability in future college life. All these led to the very successful outcome from her applications. She had received admissions from ten schools and eight of them offered a scholarship to her.

***** (5 stars) 
I had the chance to work with Eric during my application process for a Master’s in the US. As a French national who knew little about the American application process, it was really reassuring to have someone who knew the system inside and out and could provide valuable advice. I also loved how available Eric was throughout the entire process. He was able to check and correct my numerous application letters in short periods of time, and I could always count on him to answer any questions I had. I really am grateful and I would recommend Top College Consultants anytime – it was 100% worth it!