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Ready to start your path to success with Top College Consultants?
Clients with financial need may be eligible for services pro bono (at no charge). Otherwise the fee is $200/hour with a minimum initial $1000 retainer, or a package rate of $6000 which takes students from the creation of a college list (based on careful assessment of student needs) through completion of college applications. (The initial payment for the package rate is a minimum of $1500.) All clients must sign the TCC contract. If you have contacted Dr. Endlich to discuss scheduling and fees, you may click here to Pay Now. You will need a valid credit card, but you do not need to have a PayPal account.

Once you have made an initial payment, your child should fax (to 781-459-3058) or upload relevant documents such as school transcripts, test reports and IEPs (if applicable) using the button below, then fill out the New Student Form. We look forward to speaking with you as well!



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