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Our comprehensive package includes a thorough review of transcripts and other documentation; assessment of the student’s needs and college readiness; creation of a highly customized college list, taking into account a student’s financial needs, acceptance chances and other relevant factors; extensive brainstorming and review of required and optional essays; and assistance with timely completion of college applications. The comprehensive package also includes interview prep and help applying to honors programs and scholarships as needed. You can read more about what’s included on the Services page or the College Admissions Timeline page.

Comprehensive package prices depend on the student’s year: $5900 for high school juniors/seniors, transfer students and college students applying to graduate school, and $6500 for freshmen and sophomores. The fee for high school seniors is $6500 after September 1, and $6900 after October 1.

Our essay-only package is $3,900, providing unlimited essay assistance for up to 15 colleges. 

All clients must sign the TCC agreement. If you have contacted us to discuss scheduling and fees, you may click here to Pay Now. You will need a valid credit card, but you do not need to have a PayPal account.

Once you have submitted payment, your student should upload relevant documents such as school transcripts, test reports and IEPs (if applicable) using the button below, then fill out the New Student Form. (Faxing is available as well.) Parents can fill out the Parent Questionnaire. If you’d like us to communicate with another professional (e.g., school counselor or psychologist), please sign the Release of Information form. You can see a step-by-step timeline of how we’ll work together here. We look forward to meeting with you soon!