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Coping With Coronavirus: What Students Need to Know (in LINK for Counselors)

Covid-Era College Prep (with Scott Garbini, in LINK for Counselors)

9 Tips for International Students Applying to American Graduate Schools (in LINK for Counselors)

Female Students With ADHD: How IECs Can Help (with Sharon Saline, in IECA Insights)

Practical Tips for Working With Young Women on the Autism Spectrum (with Eva Mendes, in IECA Insights)

Can We Broaden the Neurodiversity Movement Without Weakening It? (with multiple authors, in Research in Social Science and Disability)

Embracing Autism in College (in Different Brains)

Asperger’s Syndrome: The Myths and Facts (in Different Brains)

Older Autistic Adults (book chapter in Representing People with Autism Spectrum Disorders)


How international students can adjust to U.S. college classes,” in U.S. News & World Report

Changing College Plans Amid COVID-19,” from CollegeXpress

What Do Colleges Want in an Applicant?from CollegeXpress

Are You College Ready?” interview with Signet Education

College Students with ADHD: Online Resources and Support,” from EduMed

What Counselors Are Doing to Help Students at Home,” from CollegeXpress

Words of Encouragement for the Class of 2020,” from CollegeXpress

How Can I Measure College Support for LD Students?” from CollegeXpress

Should I Disclose My Learning Disability on College Apps?” from CollegeXpress

How Influential is a “Name Brand” College?” from CollegeXpress

Should I Ace Easy Classes or Push Myself in Hard Ones?” from CollegeXpress

The new campus crisis: How anxiety is crippling college kids across the country,” in Deseret News 

How to strategize your B-list of colleges,” in College Confidential

How to regroup if you haven’t been accepted anywhere yet,” in College Confidential

Seeking advantage, colleges are increasingly admitting students as sophomores,” on WGBH Radio (also published in The Hechinger Report)

Is it moral and ethical to pay for an advantage in the college admissions process?” in Forbes


Preparing for College: What Students with Learning Differences Need to Know (with College Internship Program)

College Planning During COVID-19 (with Engaging Minds and Right Fit College Coaching)

ASD and College: Options for Your Child After High School (with the National Autism Academy)


College Transition Plans for Neurodiverse Individuals (on Parenting Impossible)

Beyond the IEP: Transitioning to College (on Don’t IEP Alone)

College Readiness and Transition for Autistic Students – Spotify version (on Autism in Real Life), also available on Apple and Google

Steps to Autism Acceptance: Institutions of Higher Education (for Stairway to STEM)

Autism in Teens and Older Adults (on Dr. Mara Karpel – Your Golden Years)



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