Just seven miles from downtown Boston, tucked away in the picturesque Blue Hills, Curry College attracts students seeking the personal touch. With 2,100 undergraduates, Curry’s classes average 20 students and max out at 30 students. Curry is a good match for teens who want to study nursing, education, and communications, and is very welcoming to students with learning differences. There are 14 Division III athletics programs (as well as intramural and club teams), and a quarter of the students play a sport. Curry emphasizes hands-on experience: 90% of students have at least one internship, starting as early as sophomore year. Early childhood education students can work in the on-campus daycare center, and nursing students can train in top Boston teaching hospitals.

While the average GPA for admitted students is 2.85, there is also an Honors Program for students with a 3.0 GPA and 1000 combined SAT, as well as a 5th-year accelerated MBA program and 5th-year accelerated M.Ed. which earns students two teaching licenses. Honors students can participate in a living learning community (LLC) with dedicated student mentors and resident assistants; other LLCs are available for science scholars, communications scholars, and those entering health careers.

Students who apply early (by December 1) are eligible for a $2,000 annual scholarship, and 99% of all students receive some type of financial aid – either need-based, merit aid, or both. Merit aid ranges from $3,000-28,000; like admission, these awards are based on a holistic appraisal of a student’s strengths, not just grades and test scores.

All students who want help managing coursework get free access to the writing center, peer tutoring, and academic enrichment courses. For students seeking more extensive support, the fee-based Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) provides students with learning specialists/professors for one-one-one advising 2-3 times a week, peer mentors, and iPads for various adaptive technologies. Students apply to PAL at the same time they apply to Curry; not only does this ensure a good fit for the program, but it may allow students with lower grades or test scores to be considered for admission by providing a more in-depth picture of their strengths and challenges. Fully 20% of first-year students take advantage of this program. While students can stay in PAL throughout college, students often transition out after a year.

One thing all Curry students can appreciate is proximity to Boston. The campus is a classic wooded New England setting, but shuttles take students to public transportation stops, local malls, and the ever-popular Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston, an easy walk to other area attractions such as the North End, waterfront, and aquarium.