Photos courtesy Lynn University

You may not have heard of Lynn University, but Apple has. Lynn is an Apple Distinguished School where all incoming freshmen receive an iPad Pro. The iPad is loaded with all of their lectures and textbooks – written by Lynn faculty. The campus store no longer even sells hard-copy textbooks. 

Located in Boca Raton, FL, just five miles from the beach, Lynn offers programs in business, fashion, aviation, and education, as well as a variety of other popular majors such as biology and psychology. There is a tuition-free conservatory and a 3 + 1 option in certain fields which allows students to earn a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in four years. Admitted students tend to have a “B” average, and about a quarter of them are international students. Undergrads number about 2,300. Academic supports include unlimited tutoring (for an additional fee), making Lynn a good option for some students with ADHD and LD. All courses and sections are taught by professors, not grad students.

The school doesn’t meet 100% of demonstrated need, but aid is available, and two exceptional students in each incoming class are awarded a full scholarship. The school emphasizes practical learning and career preparation, and most students do internships. Of course, students have fun, too: they can also enjoy Greek life, active Division II sports, and regular trips to the beach.

Lynn may be a good option for students who want to:

  • Finish a bachelor’s degree in 3 years
  • Earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in 4 years (e.g., MBA, M.Ed.)
  • Attend a competitive music conservatory at a very competitive price
  • Receive extra academic support
  • Major in business, aviation, communication/design, fashion or education
  • Learn on an iPad with no hard-copy books
  • Study alongside students from around the world
  • Live in a sunny college town 

For the right student, Lynn can be a good place to balance a social life, studies, and a future career.